Outreach & Education

Presentation at the Hudson Valley Textile Summit, 2017

Peer-Reviewed Published Research (please email if you would like access to the articles)

Trejo, H.X., Smith, H.A., Trejo, N.K., & Lewis, T.L. (2019). Made in New York: A Collaborative Model to Encourage Slow Fashion. Clothing & Textiles Research Journal.

Trejo, H.X., & Lewis, T.L. (2018). Seeing Raw Fibers: Collaborating with Fiber Farmers to Develop Tacit Knowledge in a Fiber Sorting, Grading, and Classing Apprenticeship. Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice: 6(2).

Trejo, H.X., & Lewis, T.L. (2017). Slow Fashion Fiber Farming: Nexus for Community Engagement, Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process & the Fashion Industry: 9(1).

Research Contributions

LocalFiber, NYS Farmers Make their Mark on Etsy

Dutchess County Sheep & Wool Growing Association

Educators for Social Responsible Apparel Practices


Cornell University President’s Speech, May 2018

Entrepreneurship at Cornell Magazine, April 2018, p. 17

Cornell Spotlight, February 2018

A Look Behind the Local Fiber Movement in Central New York, December 2017

Cornell Chronicle – Engaged Graduate Student Grants, April 2017

Fingerlakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute, November 2016

Minneapolis Star Tribune, October 2016