Inspired by nature in the town

I was walking down Buffalo St. on Sunday. The snow was melting and it was very wet and slushy outside. I looked up and saw how beautiful the leafless trees looked with the snow propped on top of them. The hues of browns, greens, and grays was really inspirational and led me to create this fashion illustration.

branches and snow illus 2-1      illus 2-2       illus 2-3

helen illus 1

I wanted her to look like she is morphing into the nature-city inspired garment just like it the tree branches, snow, and building look like they are all integral parts of each other. Her hair symbolizes the snow that is on top of the trees, and her body is only partially covered as a representation of the bare branches with no leaves. The intertwining throughout her braid, body, and legs are the twisted, asymmetrical branches of the tree.

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