Aesthetics and Appreciation on Buffalo St.

Another Buffalo St. image on the weekend of the winter storm captivated my attention. An image of a feathery looking plant with patches of white snow. I appreciated this image because the bottom half appears like it is struggling to survive, but the top half with the “feathers” look playful and charming. It seemed like the plant was attempting to maintain its aesthetic appeal although it is winter.


Ideas that the  Buffalo St. plant has its own personality, aesthetic appeal, and right to exist just as people, inspired me to draw the fashion illustration below.

illus 1-1               illus 1-p2

The two women represent the “feathers” of the plant. They mimic the plant by being physically interconnected in many ways–by leaning on each other and through their garments. Their dresses reflect the movement and playfulness of the Buffalo St. plant. The meshes of stems along their arms also aim to connect them. The stems differ in color just as the stems of the Buffalo St. plant do. Their skin colors also symbolize the different stems. The white hyperbolic structures along their upper bodies represent the fluffy white snow that sits on top of the “feathers” of the plant.

helen illus 2This illustration is meant to induce a feeling of peace and serenity. The women’s body languages and garments encourage onlookers to feel that a soft wind is also passing through their bodies as it passes through the  “feathers” and stems of the Buffalo St. plant. The lightness of the snow on the women aim to express my sentiments of safety and comfort as I walked through Buffalo St. look at the plant. The warm hues of yellow were inspired by both the plant and the sunny February day.

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  1. Nature inspired fashion – nice. The plant is a frangiapanni I believe . Common on coastal marshes

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