Snow inspires creativity

This is another fashion illustration that represents how I feel in the snow: playful, in anticipation, and feeling like someone should be with me in case I need help getting up after falling. This again ties into “tabula rasa” and seeing the snow as a blank slate for imagination and creativity.helen knit illus 2Drawing these illustrations has led me to think of creating a knitted and crochet garment that looks like one the dresses. I hope to use natural yarns and use natural colorants (tumeric, avocado pits, vegetable waste) to apply color to the undyed yarns. I hope to create a lot of texture with different knit and crochet stitches, and also with my use of different needle sizes. The natural colorants applied to the yarns will have limited color fastness and  the color will most likely fade overtime. Nonetheless, I think this will be worth doing because I can document how the knitted/crochet dress changes after  3 months later, 6 months, and 1 year later. The dress will turn into a blank canvas, and I will have the option of re-applying colorants with whole garment dyeing.

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