Ithaca’s spring!

I walked by the downtown Commons earlier today and it is a mess. They are deconstructing the center area of the Commons to make it easier for people to navigate through the space during seasonal festivals. I’m glad they are reconsidering the layout because it felt like I was in a can of sardines when I was at the Apple Festival in Fall.

Since the construction is occurring at the center of the Commons, it is not very appealing. However, now that the snow has cleared and some rain has fallen, flowers are beginning to sprout in Ithaca.

spring in ithaca

As the trees regain their natural beauty and re-awaken from their winter hibernation, they are surprising elements of the Commons. Over the last five months, it has been a common sight to see naked trees. Now that flowers are re-emerging, they add a sense of delight. Even though the tree in the photo above is near the construction in the Commons, the tree has value. In fact, the lack of appeal from construction, people may inadvertently look to the trees in appreciation of the beauty that remains.

The contrast is significant. Below is a Spring fashion illustration inspired by this image of the trees. It is adapted from the Winter fashion illustration from February 11, 2013. Enjoy!

helen illus 5

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