Revisiting Ithaca’s True Spring!

Now that Spring is in full bloom, I thought I’d post photos of  Ithaca’s spring!

Flowers blooming @ Arts Quad

I expected flowers to grow on thin, expanding branches of trees, but I was surprised to see flowers growing directly on the tree. It was so charming to see this because it looks like the tree is offering a small bouquet!

Voyage to Riley Robb

I am used to seeing roses growing in the spring and summer, and was surprised to see tulips! They are so beautiful. I’ve seen yellow, orange, red, and purple. I am amazed at their diversity and ability to re-grow after the long winter. They really are a resilient and stable species.

Red & Purple tulips at Statler

The cute American Robins have also returned to Ithaca and chirp wonderful tunes throughout the day. The Cornell Lab of Orinthology is also providing a livestream of a Red Tail hawk that has set up her nest on top of a library. In April, there were 3 eggs, they hatched in early May and now everyone can watch the daily activities of the three baby hawks.

Red Tail Hawk and baby chicks
Red Tail Hawk and baby chicks

This is the link to the livestream:

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