Worth of Crochet

Crochet is a wonderful hand-craft that allows extensive creativity.

crochet illus0001

Each inch of fabric is created with intention and care. The process of crochet generates no waste since only the fabric necessary to complete the design is created. Additionally, once the crochet clothes reach the “end of life” stage, the fabric can be un-crochet and re-used to create a new garment. Easy disassembly is possible and can encourage continued creativity.

Photo Courtesy Shai
Model Nidia Trejo; Photo Courtesy Shai

Crochet lends itself to the creation of varying textures that induce the desire to touch. Haptic appeal and recognition of surface variations can instill strong appreciation for construction details. Variations of softness can lead to wonder about the fiber itself.

The outfit above was constructed of alpaca and wool fibers. The dreadlocks in the neckpiece represent the crimped fibers of the alpaca and sheep before they are processed into yarns. The outfit is meant to raise awareness of the inherent value of animal fibers. It is not only their tactile softness that we must treasure, we must also give worth to the notion that the fibers come from animals, other living beings. This clothes is special and must be extensively appreciated and cared for because it carries the soul & spirit of another living being.

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