Support Aspiring Knitwear designer/ Master’s Student to show in NY Fashion Week!

Jasmine Gonzalez is currently a Master’s Student in the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco CA. She hopes to show a 6-piece collection during NY Fashion week in February 2014, and is raising funds to cover costs of yarns and knitting machinery to create hand-knit and machine made garments and accessories. Please see full list of material and equipment costs she is hoping to cover through her Kickstarter Campaign.

Below is a description of her process of learning to knit that is linked to her Mexican heritage:

Abuelita is what I would consider a designer of life, taking things around her and designing them for her family’s needs.  This woman with her gray hair would sit in front of the television and crotchet for hours.  I remember watching her hands make this rhythmic motion and her painted nails holding yarn through her thumbs. I didn’t understand this magic, how could string become a blanket?

She would try to teach me but my hands could not make the same magic that hers could.  I would try but my limbs didn’t move like my grandmothers.  Hers made music while mine fell flat of any musical note…

…The motion, the feel of hand knitting is so beautiful for any of you who do any form of repetitive motion; im sure you can relate.  There is something to be said of handcrafts.  It can produce something machines cannot.  When knitting a stitch one can feel it with your fingers and it is quite soothing if you get the chance to try it.  Last month in October I lost my grandmother.  Before she passed I took a picture of her hands because that is what I will always remember. “

The images below show how Jasmine has gained a mastery in hand knitting with the full use of her fingers and hands, true hand-craftsmanship.

Jasmine Gonzales Knitting, 2013
Jasmine Gonzalez Knitting, 2013
Process of knitting, Jasmine Gonzales, 2013
Process of knitting, Jasmine Gonzalez, 2013

To date she has raised $7,591 and hopes to reach a goal of $8,500 in the next 40 hours.

To see her full story and campaign please see the video below:

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