Part of Cornell’s “Faces of Mental Health” Campaign. Powerful photos show student’s efforts and strategies to maintain a healthy mental state as they balance their personal lives and lives as students at Cornell University. This post features Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, Ph.D. student in Science & Technology studies.

S ∆ M M U S | PHD

Last semester, I was asked to participate in a mental health awareness campaign at Cornell University called “Faces of Mental Health.” The art project, put together by the students from the group Cornell Minds Matter, juxtaposes black and white + color images, to highlight some of the struggles faced by students as well as the unique ways they’ve navigated those issues in order to find at a healthy mental space. To check out the rest of the striking images and messages in this campaign please head here (the page just went up). To learn more about Cornell Minds Matter as well as resources for managing your stress, anxiety, and/or depression you can head here. Make your mental health a priority and please don’t be afraid to reach out for help! We all need it sometimes [maybe all the time, and that’s okay too].

Mental_Health Campaign

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