Fashion Revolution Month Launches @ithaca New York

Fashion Revolution Day was first initiated on April 24, 2014 by global fashion leaders. Fashion Revolution Day invites farmers, mill dyers, seamstresses, knitters, weavers, brands, retailers, and consumers to participate.

The purpose of this campaign is two-folded.

The first reason is to raise awareness about the places where our clothing is made. We as consumers can gain a new appreciation for our clothing and its value.

The second reason is to motivate brands to develop more transparent supply chains. If brands can make their supply chains more transparent, the workers can obtain better working conditions.

This campaign can send a powerful message to clothing brands. They care about what their consumers think, what they want, and brands increasingly want to recognized as socially responsible. – Nidia Trejo

For more information, please visit this site.

Below is a collection of infographics from the “Who Made My Clothes?” Fashion Revolution photo  campaign. Photos were collected by Nidia Trejo from friends in New York and California. They were posted on social media between Mar 25 – Mar 28, 2015. All are welcome to participate! More to come!

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