Fibers for “Solace”

This fiber flag was made to contribute to India Flint’s open “Solace” artistic project in response to the global and local distresses of the 21st century, including inequality and injustice. “Solace” provides everyone the opportunity to express what gives them comfort, or consolation.

My “Clusters of Love” flag is made of local wool and mohair fibers. My first hand observations of fiber animals, and interactions with farmers to learn more about them provides me with “solace” during this time as a Ph.D student in Ithaca NY.

I crocheted with Cotswold wool from the Nistock Farm in Western New York. Cotswold sheep are described as “gentle giants” and I wanted their kind spirit to persist in each stitch. I also used mohair roving from the Laughing Goat Fiber Farm in Central New York. The angora goats are playful, endearing, and create a welcoming atmosphere, which induces clusters of love for the animals. The needle felted “clusters” are representative embodiments of the fibers, animals, and a landscape.

Writing “Clusters of Love” on paper, in a detachable format with pins conveys the ephemerality of a message. The message may change, but the “cluster” structure will remain as representations of the fiber animals that stimulated feelings of “solace.”

Everyone is invited to send a triangular flag with words or phrases that convey their “solace.” India Flint will do an artist residency in South Australia’s “The Observatory” this summer, and will connect all the flags together to create an “impromptu poem.” All flags should be of natural fibers because she will add her own artistic expertise with indigo dyeing. The flags will be photographed and documented online and in a limited edition book.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Very cool… you need some local Lincoln wool to knit with 😉

    1. Helen Trejo says:

      Yes! Are you still on campus?

  2. Kathy says:

    Simply beautiful!

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