Tour de Fleece 2016

This was my second year participating in the annual Tour de Fleece (July 2 to 24). As bicyclists in France spun their bicycle wheels, hand-spinners spun fibers on drop spindles, and spinning wheels throughout the world! It was all captured on Ravelry through various groups such as the ‘Rookies,’ ‘Sprinters,’ and ‘Climbers.’ There were also several independent groups, such as ‘Team Spin your Stash’ and ‘Team Spindlers.’

My spinning accomplishments were not as much as last year where I spun approximately 750 yards. This year I spun a little over 500 yards of alpaca and wool  yarn. The fibers are from A+ Fiber Mill & Riverside Alpacas in Jordan NY, and Hog Island Sheep Farm in Genoa NY. I love the natural color combinations and am planning to make a cowl scarf with the yarn to go with the shirt illustrated below. More to come on knitting progress with this!



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  1. wspines says:

    You spinning is fantastic. You have got me interested in The Tour De Fleece next year.. Carole

    1. Helen Trejo says:

      Thank you so much!! There is also another worldwide spinning event in October. There is a small registration fee, and proceeds go to the Needle Arts Mentoring Program:

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