Transience and Beauty of Beebe Lake

I walked around Beebe lake on a very windy day. Earlier in the day it was 28 degrees and I got snowed on, by the time I got to Beebe lake, it was nice and sunny, but still cold. I typically see the waterfall when I cross the footbridge. This is a great natural landmark on campus. Right now the trees are naked from the Ithaca winter. I will be sure to take other photos during Spring, Summer, and Fall to compare how this landscape changes throughout seasons. It might also be interesting to see how it changes across the different months.

waterfallAs I walked along the trail, I was surprised to see a sheet of ice in the middle of the lake. Since I usually see the waterfall, I assumed that the water is always moving and it would not be possible for the lake to actually freeze. This was amazing to me. I wonder if the temperature towards the shores are warmer compared to the inland body of water. I was very excited to see geese swimming calmly in Beebe lake (center of photo). They look so happy especially traveling in pairs. I wish I can see more of geese swimming in the lake. Hopefully in spring/summer.

ice sheetI really enjoyed this scenery because there is a strong balance and harmony in nature. From the position I was standing at, the red plant is tall and at the center, it leads the eyes towards the sheet of ice and the spots of green and brown trees in the background. The geese seem to hide between the sticks of the red plant, which invites the viewer to look deeper into the photograph and look for more surprise elements. I think this is an extremely unique sight in Winter since the clouds cleared, the blue sky is visible, it was sunny, and there are remnants of Winter with the sheet of ice. This is a transition photo of Winter to Spring.

As I continued to walk around the lake, I saw the water glistening as the sun shined on it.

glistenA small island within Beebe lake interrupted the glisten in the water. The island reminded me of the sheet of ice in the middle of the lake. It is great to see parallels in nature. The island in the photograph is a permanent feature of the lake throughout all seasons, compared to the sheet of ice that is a temporary feature during Winter. I think that the transient appearance of the lake throughout the year can motivate people to walk around the lake more often.

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