Excerpt from Sheep Farm Literature

I began to read the book “The Improbable Shepherd: More Stories from Sylvia’s Farm” by Sylvia Jorrin, 2013. She has a sheep and goat farm in the foothills of the Catskill mountains in NY. This is a passage I especially enjoyed:

“…Other islands of dark green emerged and disappeared. Parts of the hills that surround this farm appeared for moments and then receded into the fog…I sat down on the road side of the great stone wall. And there they came. Into the pasture. Through the gate. One. Two. Three at a time. Sheep. Lambs. Emerging out of the mist…The sheep looked at me. And began to graze the pasture. My pasture. White shapes moving slowly across the fresh, dew-laden grass…” (P. 9)

The imagery is very vivid. I can imagine the fluffy white sheep coming into view, and happily grazing their way across the landscape. It reminded me of the photos below from fiber farms in and around Ithaca:

Twin Dairy Goats
Twin Dairy Goats; Hog Island Sheep Farm; Photo Courtesy David Arellanes, 2013
Angora goat grazing; Photo Courtesy David Arellanes
Angora goat grazing; Laughing Goat Fiber Farm, Photo Courtesy David Arellanes, 2013


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