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I recently became a virtual farmer in support of Sweet Tree Hill Farm in Virginia. The farm has Shetland sheep, angora rabbits, and cashmere goats. I was excited to learn where the the funds I provided would go. They helped pay for 1 month’s worth of hay for the fiber animals. I’m glad I can contribute in this small way.

I became a 'Virtual Farmer' on Jan 19, 2014
I became a ‘Virtual Farmer’ on Jan 19, 2014

In return, I got to select roving or yarn from Sweet Tree Hill Farm. I chose to receive rolags from angora rabbits in colors ranging from white to light chocolate to rose grey. I am excited to receive the rolags to begin spinning and create a knitting project.

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  1. woolfarmgal says:

    Lovely Helen! Your angora fiber is on the way to you. Anxious to see what it will become. Excited to find your blog.

    1. Helen Trejo says:

      I’m excited about the angora fibers. Thanks!

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