Call for support: Jullien Gordon to Speak at alma mater Los Angeles High School

We would like your support to bring an inspiring educational and leadership speaker, Jullien Gordon to our alma mater, Downtown Magnets High School, May 2015. He is a renown speaker that engages with students and budding entrepreneurs nationwide during speaking tours and TedTalks.

In 2007, Jullien received two Masters degrees from Stanford University—his MBA and Masters in Education, and in 2003 received his B.A. from UCLA in 3 years. As the CEO of the New Higher and an Innerviewer, he spends his life helping young people successfully transition from college to their professional careers; making a living doing what they LOVE. He motivates youth to D.R.E.A.M. awake, which reflects his ideologies of success by having the Desired Relationships Employment and Money. His hometown is Oakland, CA and he currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

We first heard Jullien speak as college freshmen at the University of California-Davis in Fall 2008. The encouragement and passion he radiated left a lasting impression on us. He spoke about his academic journey in UCLA and Stanford, and how he established his own career. This deeply motivated us to strive towards doctoral studies at Cornell University in fields we are sincerely passionate about, Fiber Science and Apparel Design, as first generation Salvadoran-Americans. Jullien’s encouragement of high performance, following your ambitions, and optimism can be extremely helpful for aspiring college students.

Downtown Magnets High School (DMHS) is very unique to the Los Angeles Unified School District. Students attend this open magnet from all over L.A. County as an alternative to their home schools that may not offer adequate college preparation or an encouraging peer environment. In 2013, 98% of DMHS graduates obtained college acceptance. A majority of students are first generation ethnic minorities. According to the 2013-2014 school profile, the ethnic make-up is approximated as follows: 55.8% Hispanic; 36.1% Asian/Filipino; 5.45% African American; 2.15% White; and 0.35% Native American. Additionally, over 87% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

We hope that he may extend the same inspiration and long-term motivation to high school students, as he did to us as young college students. We believe his keynote speech at the Junior Book Awards ceremony can greatly benefit these college-bound high school students in May 2015.


Thanks for your support!

Nidia Trejo

MS/PhD student in Fiber Science

Helen Trejo

MA/PhD student in Apparel Design


Presidents of the Cornell Latino Graduate Student Coalition (2013-2014)

Presidents of the Cornell Fiber Science and Apparel Design Journal Club (2013-2014)

SUNY Graduate Diversity Fellows (2012-2013)

UC Davis Ronald E. McNair Scholars


Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

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