Soil to Skin Rebecca Burgess’ 150 Mile Wardrobe

The Fibershed project in Northern California has been extremely motivational for me, especially since it has inspired my Master’s thesis. I have explored fiber farm and mill resources in New York, and received consumer feedback about NY “fibershed” knitwear. (An official “fibershed” has not been established in NY, but it definitely has the resources.) It is amazing to see how far the Northern CA Fibershed has come, especially since it began with Rebecca’s commitment to only wear  clothing cultivated and produced in the 150-mile radius of Mendocino County. It shows how one person can steer momentum to develop a regional, national, and global movement. Fibersheds are developing in diverse regions and countries; it is also great that the USDA is providing start-up funds for Fibersheds in Martha’s Vineyard NY and in Southeast Minnesota.

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