Crafting with New York Mohair and Wool

I recently finished this mohair-wool hybrid scarf. The materials themselves carry a lot of meaning especially since they represent time and place.

I obtained the creme mohair on my first visit to the Laughing Goat Fiber Farm in early 2013. It was the first fiber farm I visited in New York, and the first time to see angora goats. I was lucky enough to see newborn kids and observe them interact with their mother. It was amazing to hear the narratives of Lisa, the owner of the fiber farm. The visit provided immense optimism and excitement for what became my Master’s research that explored fiber farms and mills throughout New York state. I purchased mohair on that initial visit, and it has been carefully tucked away for almost 2 years.

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I felt inspired to work with the mohair when I finished hand-spinning wool in Fall 2014. I bought the brown wool roving from Julia, a fiber artisan at the Ithaca Festival this past summer. I blended the brown roving with a gray that I obtained at the Fingerlakes Woolen Mill in Summer 2013. The tones of browns and greys led me to seek a strong color to juxtapose it with. The creamy white mohair was a great option that would add great contrast and add textural dimensionality.

The color variation of each crochet stitch leads to greater appreciation of its unique hand-made quality. Each stitch represents life: the living wool and mohair fibers. The use of the scarf will further represent “life,” especially as more memories will develop with its use in different spaces throughout time.

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