Fibers, Place & Memories

This textile came into being based on the variety of fibers available throughout different spaces, which I visited physically or virtually. I obtained the angora wool virtually. Some was a gift from a women in Syracuse who found me on, and the rest was sourced from a fiber CSA based in Virginia. I sourced the wool by physically going to the different places it was available: the Little York Festival, Ithaca Festival, and the Fingerlakes Woolen Mill. Both the angora and wool roving were hand-spun on a drop-spindle.

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The dark brown wool was purchased at Knitting Etc. in Ithaca, which closed in Feb 2015. I included the manufactured, store bought yarn as a reminder that Knitting Etc. was where I learned to spin fibers with wool roving. Although Knitting Etc. is closed, I will always remember how the community of Knitting Etc. contributed to my development in fiber arts. #thanksknittingetc

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