Fashion Revolution Week & Ag Arts

This week celebrates both Agriculture and Fashion Revolution in Ithaca. In honor of both, I am posting photos of the first hand-spun and hand-knit scarf I made from New York fibers. The scarf was a lifesaver during Winter, especially during the Arctic Blasts over the last 2 years. The last time I wore the scarf was in March, I was covered in snow and realized it is time to replenish it with a wash.

Today was Art of Ag Day at Cornell. It was nice to see students happily interacting with the variety of animals, and it was a perfect fit for the sunny Spring day! There were chicks, baby calves, and dairy goats in the Arts Quad.

I am so grateful to everyone who has shared their knowledge about wool, sheep, and agriculture with me over these past few years! There is so much to learn, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to see the animals, and add value to locally produced fibers.


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  1. Verónica says:

    Cute chicks! Nice scarf.

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