Volunteering at the Laughing Goat Open Farm Day

This Saturday was an Open Farm day at the Laughing Goat Fiber Farm. It’s an annual event that welcomes the public to see and learn about fiber animals such as angora goats, alpacas, and sheep. It was a great pleasure to attend the Open Farm day as a volunteer with my twin sister, Nidia.

When we first got to the farm, our first task was to help carry the baby angora goats (kids) to the larger pasture area. Throughout the day, the kids were very energetic and pranced around the pastures. Some also took a liking to a giant tree. There were about 20 angora kid, and it was interesting to observe their varying actions and personalities.  Interacting with the animals in the grassy pastures was very meditative and peaceful.

This was a great event because I got to interact with the animals and also meet new friends including fiber artisans, farmers, and vet students! Since I’ve previously made clothing and textiles with fibers from this farm, this volunteer experience also gave me added insight. I was enamored with several of the angora kids names such as Avocado, Muffin, and Macaroni.

Several visitors were also interested in learning about hand-spinning and it was fun to show them how to spin wool on a drop/ support spindle, and ply the singles to make yarns.  Spinning yarns is an extremely valuable skill that I learned over the past few years. It is a great way to meet farmers, learn about new fibers, and develop unique yarns for local clothing and textiles.

They’re learning about Hand-Spinning! May 2016

Nidia debut her dye wastewater demonstration based on what she’s learned at the Ithaca Area Wastewater Facility. She brought yellow tumeric dyewater and mixed it with biodegradable soap used to wash fleeces. To treat the waster she used a sand filter, and activated carbon to make the water re-useable. For more information about this please email: ntrejo07@gmail.com

Water Treatment Demo with Nidia, May 2016

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  1. wspines says:

    Helen,Looks like a wonderful day. The angora’s are so cute

    1. Helen Trejo says:

      Yes! They are adorable!!

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Looked like a day I would also enjoy!!

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