Creativity & Growing with Google

After receiving a Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship to learn about Basic Android programming in January, I have learned so much! I learned how to use Android Studio, Java coding, and to incorporate elements of design.

Below are examples of some of my projects. I’m excited that I was able to create projects to match my interests! These projects involved following tutorials provided by the Google and Udacity team, trial-and-error, and searching for answers independently online. Patience and problem-solving skills helped me progress with the 3-month course, and there is still much more to learn!






These experiences make me feel a step closer to being able to develop a U.S. fiber farm mobile app in the future! I hope to continue to practice coding to develop a functional app for user feedback soon! Special thanks to the Udacity Scholarship Team and my cohort in the Beginner Android Slack group for their support!

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